Binsfeld Law Firm has helped countless individuals achieve their goal of becoming a citizen of the United States. There is no better feeling than watching a client become a U.S. citizen after a long journey through the U.S. immigration system!

Because the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) uses citizenship interviews to look for issues in the applicant’s immigration history, we recommend that everyone speak with a licensed immigration attorney before filing for citizenship. Sometimes issues come up that affect both the citizenship application and the underlying green card. It is important to catch those concerns before filing.

Our team evaluates eligibility for citizenship and explains the requirements and government processing time. We assist our clients in completing the application, carefully reviewing the application prior to submission, and preparing you for the interview. We also provide information about how U.S. citizenship may benefit your family members.

Generally, applicants for U.S. citizenship must communicate in English during their interview and answer U.S. civics questions. However, in certain circumstances, applicants are eligible for a waiver of those requirements. If that applies to you, we will explain the waiver requirements to you and give you detailed instructions about the exemption process.

One of our attorneys will provide you with a thorough pre-interview preparation appointment, and then represent you at the citizenship interview. Our team is always happy to celebrate U.S. citizenship with our clients.

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